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Russian Salmon is a non-commercial conservation organization which supports projects aimed at the conservation of salmon populations throughout Russia. The Association specifically promotes the protection of aquatic ecosystems by encouraging eco-friendly tourism and recreational sport fishing that employs a catch & release ethic.

The Association works in conjunction with scientific, governmental, private and public organizations, and individuals that share the common goal of conserving salmon stocks as a valuable national biological resource.

Marina Kovtun Marina Kovtun
Gennady Zharkov Gennady Zharkov
Supervisory board chairman
Dmitry Pakin Dmitry Pakin
  • To study and preserve the diversity of Russian ecosystems that support salmon by employing state-of-the-art and scientifically justified methods.
  • To educate the people of Russia in a new attitude towards the protection of their natural resources, ensuring the sustainable coexistence of salmon and humans by promoting recreational fishing based upon the principle of catch & release.

We are looking to cooperate with anyone who shares our goals.


In cooperation with scientific, governmental, private, and public organizations, Russian Salmon plans to take the following steps:

  • Identify resources and like-minded people to implement salmon conservation efforts.
  • Develop and implement systems of wise management of the natural resources that will ensure a balanced coexistence of humans and all aquatic life in Russian rivers.
  • Design and implement scientifically proven models for the wise management of water reservoirs to preserve salmon stocks.
  • Develop eco-tourism and recreational catch & release fishing opportunities.
  • Take action against poaching.
  • Develop scientifically justified laws, rules, principles and ethical standards of recreational fishing and ecological tourism within the Russian Federation.
  • Work with local authorities to ensure that salmon conservation is a factor in all decision making.
  • Restore water reservoirs and water protection areas.
  • Support ecological education projects for the people of Russia.

Ilya Sherbovich