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Bering cisco (Coregonus laurettae)

This is medium size whitefish with elongated, round terete body, terminal mouth, numerous small teeth at the edge of the jaws and tongue, short paired fins, strongly forked caudal fin with pointed lobes, and large oval scales.

The main species range is located along the western (from the Kenai Peninsula to Cape Barrow) and partially arctic (east to the Colville River) coast of Alaska. In Russia it is found in the Chegitun and Utaveem Rivers in the east of the Chukchi Peninsula. It is still unclear whether there are any independent populations of this whitefish in Chukotka.

At the age of 6+ years, reaches the length of 335 mm, at 7+ years – 352 mm and at 8+ – 450 mm. this fish matures at the age of 4+ – 7+ years with the length of 292-370 mm.

Until the onset of maturity, the Bering cisco lives mainly in the river estuaries, in the coastal areas, and in the open parts of the sea with the salinity up to 3–3.2%, i.e., in terms of salt tolerance, this species is superior to the Arctic cisco and all other whitefish. In the spring, the Bering cisco makes spawning migration up rivers, up to a distance of 800-1600 km. The spawning takes place in autumn in the channel part of swift rivers with sand and gravel bottom. After the spawning some spent fish are wintering in the rivers.

Ilya Sherbovich