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Muksun (Coregonus muksun)

This whitefish is found only in the lower reaches of large rivers belonging to the Arctic Ocean basin - from Kara in the west to Kolyma in the east. Muksun is semi-anadromous whitefish that is feeding in the brackish parts of the sea. In the Norilsk lakes the resident form of muksun is dwelling.

The mouth of this fish is inferior, the snout is blunt and elongated; the skull narrows in front. The large upper jaw protrudes above the lower jaw. The snout is wide; the back behind the head rises steeply.

The maximum age of muksun is up to 25 years; the average weight in catches is 1-2 kg; the maximum length is 94 cm, the weight – 13.8 kg. In winter, this fish feeds on zooplankton, and in summer – mainly on bottom invertebrates. The spewning run into the river begins in late summer; by November, muksun reaches the spawning grounds, which are located up to 1-2 thousand kilometers from the sea. Spawning takes place during the freezing period at a temperature of no more than 1-2 degrees Celsius.

Ilya Sherbovich