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Peled (Coregonus peled)

The peled inhabits the rivers of the north-east Europe and northern Asia from the Kanin Peninsula and the Mezen River in the west to Kolyma River in the east. This fish can form slow-growing and fast-growing forms. The peled is generally avoiding flowing water and prefers to dwell in the lakes; there are lake-river forms that can go out for feeding into the estuarine parts of the rivers.

The mouth is terminal or close to superior; the upper jaw protrudes somewhat above the lower. The body is high; the back immediately behind the back of the head rises steeply. Compared with other whitefishes, the peled is of darker color; large dark spots may be on the body; at the dorsal fin there are lots of dark dots in several rows.

Peled can reach a weight of 3 or even 6 kilograms, but more often the fish weighing up to 1 kilogram are present in catches. Slow-growing dwarf peled does not exceed a weight of 300-500 grams.

Spawning of this whitefish is possible not only in rivers, but also in lakes. In addition, it is less sensitive to oxygen deficiency than other whitefishes. For this reason, peled is used for stocking; it is planted in a variety of stagnant water bodies. The peled remains mainly in the water column and eats zooplankton, less often – benthos and small fish.

Ilya Sherbovich