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Tugun (Coregonus tugun)

Tugun lives only in large Siberian rivers - from the Ob to Yana. This is a purely freshwater fish that never goes out into the sea. Tugun is a very small whitefish; its largest length is 200 millimeters, and weight does not exceed 80 grams; on average, the fish weighing 20-30 grams prevail in catches.

This small fish with a round terete body and a broad back has thin, easily falling scales. Tugun more than other whitefishes is similar to least cisco, but unlike it has terminal mouth and a small number of gill rakers.

Tugun feeds on zooplankton, eats fish eggs, and in the summer in its diet there are lots of winged insects. Despite its small size, tugun is very much appreciated for its tender, fatty meat.

Ilya Sherbovich