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Czersky char (Salvelinus czerskii)

The Chersky Char is dwelling in many non-winterkill lakes of the the Magadanskaya Oblast and Yakutia. These lakes are located in the river basins from Lena in the west to Kolyma in the east. Similar chars live in the lakes of the Ayon Island near Pevek. The Chersky Char is spawning in August-September, laying eggs on mud or peat bottom.

It is a medium-sized char with a skinny body, conical head and flat lower jaw; the mouth is small and the snout – relatively short. The caudal peduncle is low, the caudal fin is strongly notched. On the sides there are few, light or pinkish spots, located mainly along the lateral line. In the spawning colors, the body is dark on top; the sides and the belly are pink to red. The spots on the sides turn red, and the throat and lower jaw turn yellow. The paired and the anal fin are bright red, and their external rays are white.

The species inhabits clear mountainous lakes, as well as thetundra lakes with a sandy bottom, located above the level of the river among the hills and having little runoff. The growth is slow, uniform. In the waters of the Indigirka and Chukochya Rivers it reaches the length of 51-55 cm; in the lakes of the river basin Alasea – 30-45 cm, the weight 300-1060 grams and the maximum age of 13+ years. The fecundity is from 630 to 1450 (average 957) eggs.

Ilya Sherbovich