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Yakutian char (Salvelinus jakuticus)

The Yakutian char lives in the lakes, in shallow areas with rocky bottom; it feeds on chironomids larvae and pupae. This fish reaches the length of 50 cm and the weight of 1300 grams; the age up to 16 years. This species is a narrow range endemic represented by one or several (few) populations.

The species is discovered in the Lake Aranastakh in the area of the Lena River delta. Similar chars were found in the same area, in the Lake Forelevoye, where they are represented by large and small forms.

This is a small char with a low, oblong body. The upper jaw protrudes slightly above the lower one. The caudal fin is slightly emarginate; the pectoral fins are long. On the sides there are 9-16 dark transverse stripes (parr marks) and small, round, pinkish or orange spots smaller than the eye pupil. By the adults, the fins are carmine red, and the dorsal fin is gray with reddish top.

Ilya Sherbovich