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Nosy char or Schmidt’s char (Salvelinus schmidti)

This species is a narrow-range endemic of the Lake Kronotskoe in Kamchatka; it is not found in any other water bodies. The Schmidt’s char is found mainly near the lake shores; by the nature of its diet, it is specialized benthophagus that eats larvae of caddisflies and stoneflies, sometimes mollusks. This fish can be up to 50 cm long with the weight up to 1 kg; the age up to 10 years.

This is a small narrow-bodied char with small head, rounded snout and short jaws; the upper jaw tip hangs over the lower one. The back and the sides of the body are olive-green, the belly is yellow or red, the anal and ventral fins are red. On the body there are small, numerous white spots and red dots. In the spawning colors, the fish proportions hardly change; the head becomes black, the colors of the body and fins become brighter.

This char is spawning both in the lake and in the Listvenichnaya River in the areas with sand and gravel. There are forms of this fish spawning early (in August) and late (in November).

The Schmidt’s char is listed in the Red Book of Kamchatka.

Ilya Sherbovich