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Taimyr char (Salvelinus taimyricus)

This is a not well studied lake-resident species; this fish does not enter the rivers. By the nature of its diet, it is an eurifag, but can also feed as a predator. In the Lake Taimyr the spawning occurs in the fall, before the freezing. This is an endemic to two lakes of the Taimyr Peninsula: Taimyr and Keta. The wider distribution of the species is quite probably.

This species differs from all other chars in Lake Taimyr and Taimyr Bay by the small size of mature fish, high caudal peduncle, long paired fins, large eyes, and also by the straight or downward curved upper jaw. The head is high, the snout is dull, the mouth is large, the lower jaw extends beyond the vertical of the posterior margin of the eye. The lips are gray or orange, the back is gray-green, the sides are silver-gray, the belly is white. The paired and anal fins are red or gray. There are no spots on the sides or they are few; they are large and small, white or pink, rounded. During the spawning, the body and fins are brick red, the spots are orange.

In the lake Taimyr ths fish can reach the length of 49 cm and the weight of 1300 g; the age limit is 13 years. In the lake Keta it is up to 77 cm, the weight up to 4800 g, the age up to 11 years.

Ilya Sherbovich