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Khubsugul grayling (Thymallus baikalensis nigrescens)

Many researchers consider this grayling a subspecies of the Baikal grayling, but there is also an opinion that it is a separate species (Thymallus nigrescens). It lives in Lake Khubsugul, which is located in Mongolia at the altitude of 1645 meters and belongs to the basin of the Selenga River. In the lake there are three different forms of grayling, which vary in morphology and feeding.

The scale cover is monochrome, gray-black or almost black. Near the head there are small black spots. The gill covers are dark gray. Between the pectoral and the ventral fins, two parallel dark stripes are visible. The caudal peduncle, pectoral, anal and caudal fins are plain gray. The pelvic fins have 4-5 oblique reddish stripes. In the rear part of the dorsal fin, there are 3-5 uneven rows of red-maroon spots. Some of the spots, merging with a narrow scarlet fin edge, form wide stripes extending to the middle parts of the rays.

The information that Siberian grayling is also found in the Lake Huvsugul has not been confirmed.

Ilya Sherbovich