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Markakol grayling (Thymallus brevicephalus)

This form of grayling lives in the Lake Markakol at the source of the Irtysh River (Ob basin). It is very much different form the other graylings. In the last years it was described as a separate species of the Thymallus genus.

The scale cover is blue-silver. At the head there are small black spots. The gill covers are dark gray. There is a black spot on the lower jaw. Between the pectoral and the ventral fins, two parallel yellow-brown stripes are visible. Above the ventral fins there is a pale scarlet or red spot. The caudal stem, anal and caudal fins are red-maroon. The pelvic fins have 5 oblique red-burgundy stripes. The pectoral and anal fins are gray-yellow. Along the dorsal fin there are 6-8 slightly ascending rows of rounded red-burgundy spots with matte edges. In the front of the dorsal fin these spots are small, and in the rear part their size increases. The spots of the upper rows, merging, form 2-3 horizontal wide winding stripes.

Ilya Sherbovich