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Upper-Ob grayling (Thymallus nikolskyi)

The Upper-Amur grayling lives in all the mountainous and piedmont tributaries of the Upper Amur River in Russia and Mongolia; in the Middle Amur, it is distributed down to the Bureya River basin, including its headwaters. This grayling species does not reach large size. The Upper-Amur grayling has neither particularly bright colors, nor a huge, decorated dorsal fin.

This is a long, silver or pinkish fish with small black spots. The scale cover is silver. Numerous small black spots (streaks) are scattered throughout the body. The gill covers are gray with a turquoise hue. From the pectoral to the ventral fins, two parallel yellow-brown stripes are visible. Above the ventral fins there is a large raspberry spot. The pectoral, anal and caudal fins are yellow-orange.the pelvic fins have 5-6 longitudinal oblique cherry red stripes. On the dorsal fin, 4-5 ascending rows of small burgundy red rounded spots with a matte border are visible. The spots of the upper row do not merge with the edge line of the same color. The membranes of the last rays at the fin base are of yellowish-orange hue.

Ilya Sherbovich