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Svetovidov's grayling (Thymallus svetvidovi)

This species lives in Russia and Mongolia in the upper part of the Yenisei River – in the Biy-Khem, Kaa-Khem, Kyzyl-Khem and Abakan Rivers, as well as in the Borshoo-Gol River of the Lake Uvs-Nur basin.

The scale cover is monochrome, dark gray with a turquoise hue. On the body, in its front part, there may be small black spots. The gill covers are of steel color with a turquoise-purple tint. On the lower jaw there is an oval black spot. From the pectoral to the ventral fins, two parallel stripes of dirty brown color are visible. Above the ventral fins, the scales have a slight reddish hue. The pectoral fins are yellow-gray, and the ventral fins bear 4-5 oblique red-burgundy stripes. The anal fin at the base is yellow-orange, and its edge is yellowish-red. The caudal peduncle and the base of the caudal fin are bright yellow-orange with a reddish tint, and the ends of the lobes are yellow-red. On the dorsal fin there are 6-9 rows of red-scarlet spots. In its posterior part, some of the spots located closer to the edge are vertically or horizontally elongated, curved and merge with the spots of neighboring membranes, forming a winding strip.

Ilya Sherbovich