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Changes in terminology have been made: instead of fish production areas there will be fishing areas
23 October 2017 Views: 461
Resolution of the Government of Russia

Resolution of the Government of Russia of October 17, 2017 No. 1264 approved changes in some government acts.

The amendments were made to implement Federal Law No. 349-FZ of 3 July 2016 “On Amendments to the Federal Law” On Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources “and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation with regard to improving the distribution of quotas for the production (catch) of aquatic biological resources”.

The document replaces the names “fish production area” and “agreement on the provision of fish production sites” to “fishing sites” and “contract of use of fishing sites.” The fishing areas provided for use will be allocated for commercial fishing in inland waters, with the exception of the inland sea waters of the Russian Federation. There will be no allocated fishing areas for coastal fishing.

The Decree was developed and approved in hopes of bringing the acts of the Government of the Russian Federation together with the legislation in the field of fisheries and the conservation of aquatic biological resources, as well as improving the legal regulation of relations when concluding contracts for the use of fishing sites and holding tenders for the conclusion of such contracts. The document also specifies that for the extraction of anadromous species, fishing sites allocated are in inland waters and in the territorial sea. Fishing sites are also allocated to ensure the maintenance of traditional lifestyles and traditional economic activities of indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East and to organize sports and amateur fishing.

The document comes into force on January 1, 2019.

Ilya Sherbovich