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Order will be restored on fishing sites of Pechora
24 July 2017 Views: 448
Fishing sites of Pechora

A grant for the “Clean Pechora” project was allocated from the budget of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Its authors intend to organize rubbish collection in winter fishing season by installing waste containers along the river that would be regularly emptied.

The project on regular cleaning of the main river of the district from household garbage was initiated by the regional public organization “Andega peasantry”. “Clean Pechora” was supported by neighboring municipalities, the Public Chamber of the Nenets Autonomous District, as well as the executive authorities of the district. As the Fishnews was informed in the press service of the regional administration, a grant of 216.5 thousand rubles was allocated for the implementation of this public initiative.

The authors of the project intend to organize rubbish collection during the winter fishing season. It is planned that as soon as the river is covered with ice, the community will install garbage cans near the village of Nikitsi, as well as other active fishing spots. In addition, banners urging people to keep the area clean will be put up along the winter snowmobile trail, which stretches along the Pechora stream.

“Every year, fishermen and travelers leave behind a lot of debris. In spring, plastic bottles, bags and other waste fall into the river, and then into the sea. It looks horrible. So the Arctic is polluted. We decided to change the situation,” said the head of the public organization Petr Khabarov.

The project’s area of responsibility is approximately 120-130 km of the Pechora shoreline. Rubbish from the containers will be moved out by project team on their personal snowmobiles. It is expected that the work will last until navigation begins, when ice disappears off the river’s surface. Petr Khabarov said that contracts to purchase sleds for removing rubbish and making iron rubbish bins have been signed. Also, with the proceeds of the grant, they will purchase fuel for snowmobiles. The members of the association are going to invest the rest of funds themselves.

Ilya Sherbovich